Thursday, January 9, 2014


A sunny afternoon, no rain...
The best time for out door activities.
My husband have gave me a 'warning', that my 'tiny lawn' on the carport has been expanding 'the traffic lanes'.

I planted Arachis pintoi or false peanut on the center line of car port.
They grow so fast, so expansive.
They also grow well on the concrete floor.
So, yesterday afternoon I had time to did trimming on it.

As a legume plant, Arachis pintoi is a good material for green manure.


I put the leaves and shoots on the corner of my front yard that have a poor soil.

The pathways are more spacious.
And I can improve the poor soil quality.

The darker concrete was 'former land that expanded' by this peanut.

Now... Look better and neater.


  1. We have limnanthes or poached egg plant growing in the tarmac on our allotment site. Plants are sometimes very tough. You've made a very good job of your drive.

    1. I hope they are not expansive and disturbing you main vegetation.

  2. I try to plant beans in different areas of the garden, they help with adding nitrogen to the ground but out in the fields we have white and also red clover. The horse prefers white clover and will almost bite the dirt to get it. The farmers use poison to kill all the plants so they don't have clover anymore and the bees come to our field to get the clover bloom and make a good honey from it.

    1. If every farmers use herbicide to kill all weeds, I guess our plant diversity will decline time by time, and we will loose so many interesting varieties from our lovely earth. You have been doing great job to save the plants

  3. I love that you tidied the drive rather than getting rid of your peanut plant completely! It looks very good now - it's lovely to see a streak of fresh green on the concrete. I find all sorts of plants seed themselves in the cracks of the paving stones around my veg garden and I leave them alone to grow! They're very pretty!

    1. During the rainy season, they grow, spread and cover the concrete so fast. Sometimes I find the 'volunteer' on the gravel in the path way. Their growth look so wonderful, although their microclimate are so limited.

  4. Replies
    1. Sometimes I dream I live near (or on) a meadow with flowery grass. I imagine that this peanut pacth is a tiny meadow, flowery lawn. LOL. You know that I live on a very very small piece of land. Only 200 square meter in an urban area.