Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Yesterday, we started our trip to the low land area after we went around the high land.
We went to my husband's home town.
A sunny day... looked so nice at the first.
But the hot weather and the traffic jam made the trip became less of pleasure.
We needed longer time on the way.

Such a tiring trip, but all unpleasant things were disappear when we met our big family.
The first place that we've visited was our Uncle's house on a little village.
Spent the time with a very nice conversation.
Enjoy the neighborhood, hospitality, the very nice weather and of course the beautiful nature. 

A peaceful place.
The hot weather was reduced by a plenty trees on the garden.
Every house had a wide home garden that full of fruity trees, such as banana, coconut, guava, papaya, tamarind, mango, orange, and many more. 
Sitting on the wide porch enjoyed the talks and the breezy.
Time passed so fast... and we continued our trip to the nearest beach 'Jati Malang'.
That was about ten kilometers from our uncle's house.

The beach was very crowded.
All visitors wanted to enjoy the sunset here.

But we're not lucky...
The clouds were hanging on the sky.

My son looked so happy playing on the sand.
Running  here and there, chased the waves.

When the sun began to sink, and the sky was getting dark, we left the beach to get dinner on seafood restaurant.
After dinner, we went home to my in-law's house, took a rest and prepared the next trip tomorrow.