Thursday, July 24, 2014


One day after pollination we will know which flowers are successfully pollinated.But not all of pollination is success.
Only 50 - 80% of pollination will set fruits.
If flower is pollinated successfully, the flower will be wilted for several day, and still stand on the flower stalk until the little fruit have formed.
Fruit set is formed about 1-2 weeks after pollination. 
If the pollination is fail, the flower will fallen on to the ground one day later.

On the fruiting season, this plant needs nice humidity and warm temperature.
Too wet weather makes the fruit get rotten, but too dry and hot weather makes the fruit get dried then fallen.
This was the garden on February 2014, it means the fruits are about six month old after pollination.

This fruits must be on their favorable weather to getting mature and forming a nice flavor.
Too much rain makes the vanilla beans have low in vanillin.

The ripening period of the fruit is about 8-9 months.
It's so long....
We have to check the fruit clusters periodically, to make it sure no bugs and the garden's condition is favorable.
We also have to elevate soil around the plant to avoid puddles on the ground that could be make the stem get rotten.
The main problem is blight that caused by Fusarium oxysporum
Fusarium usually infested Vanila during wet and warm weather, also on bad drainage farm.
Have a wonderful week with my vanilla.


  1. Now I understand why vanilla pods are so expensive/

    1. Yes, needs a long time and complicated process.

  2. I didn't know it took so long for them to ripen. Such an interesting plant.

    1. Yes, you're right. The ripening takes time about nine months and the processing takes two weeks, so you can imagine how long the farmers have to waiting for.

  3. So interesting to read about growing Vanilla, Now I understand why vanilla beans are very expensive when buying here. It takes so long before they are ripe.

  4. lama juga, seperti nunggu bayi lahir

  5. I had no idea vanilla took so long to grow! It's one of my favorite flavors. Your plant looks so lush and healthy. :)

  6. 9 months it's like expecting a baby :), in this case - vanilla baby.