Saturday, July 23, 2016


Several weeks ago I found a cute tubby pepper on the corner of our terrace garden.
I think it's a common local pepper at the first, but when the fruits have already emerged.  
Cute peppers are showing.

Now we can find colorful peppers on the healthy plant stand on the short wall.
What a shame several days ago, there was an accident, this pot fallen down on to the garage roof.
I think there was a unknown visitor hit this pot.

I'm lucky that the plant only slightly damaged. 
Only some litlte branches were broken.
But I lost it name tag, cause the soil have spilled onto the roof of our garage.

I have been searching the name tag, but haven't find it yet.
I hope I can find it soon, so I will know the ID soon...

Now... lets enjoy the beauty of our ornamental pepper.