Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Sweet corn is one of the favorite in our family. 
Steamed corn and make clear soup with corn are two of common dishes made from corn.
It seem the best thing is growing our own sweetcorn.
When we reload the old raised bed, first plan was growing corn on it.
The children planted corn happily.

The first patch is on the eastern back yard.
It's planted on April 5.
Seem like they lack of sun shine.

The second patch is on the south side of western back yard. 
It's planted on April 12.
Seem lack of sun shine too.

The third patch is on the middle of the western back yard.
Planted at the same time with the second patch.
Seem has the best performance.

Hoping they all will grow well and give us great harvest.
Thanks GOD


  1. Dearest Endah,
    Yes, the availability of daylight does have an impact on its growth.
    Soon you will find out and let's hope they all yield some good corn, maybe even better for having it somewhat spread out for harvest time.

    1. Actually, shade is one of the main problem in our tiny garden. Most of our area in our home garden is part shady area.
      Have a nice day

  2. Happy gardening corn, Endah! I wish I can grow them in my garden. Corn is one of my favourites.