Monday, April 13, 2020


This is the survivor of asparagus plant in our seedling patch.

I sowed asparagus seeds last year.
From ten seeds, all sprouted successfully.
The seedlings grow a bit poor, and this is the only one remain.

The pot was too small, and the foliage grew longer.

We had to move it into bigger pot soon.

I remove all the foliage and only let a tiny spear.

Now, this plant have already move into new pot.

Hoping it will grow healthy and productive.


  1. Dearest Endah,
    Yes, your green asparagus looks quite happy in its good, fertile soil and bigger pot!
    Back in The Netherlands we only had the white asparagus, that grows in ridges, under ground and needs te be dug up by hand. Loved eating it. Here we only can buy the green ones and they too are good. A natural diuretic as it flushes you out...

    PS previous post I should have mentioned that in the early 80s I used the Nyonya Meneer Sehat Wanita herbs. Not good in taste, very bitter and I guess that a lot of Turmeric or Koenjit was used in there. Just learned that in 2017 they went bankrupt. Sad.
    Did you know the product? Guess your Parents did.

    1. yes, we really familiar with that brand, especially that product. As a Javanese women, I often consuming jamoe (Javanese herbal drink). There are several big companies in herbal drink industry and there are lots of small business in that industry. The last time I consumed Nyonya Meneer product was about five years ago, I purchased afterbirth package 'Jamu komplit bersalin'. A holistic treatment for a woman after give birth. Now, it's mostly processed by modern technology, in various product. You may check our old series post in label 'jamu'.
      Thank you, Mariette.
      Stay safe

    2. It feels so good for being somehow connected in many ways. Happy you still know this and yes, as our friends from India, they too use lots of Koenjit. Knowing what is good for the body helps for staying strong and healthy longer... Far better than all the chemicals from pharmacies - for lots of money! Hugs Endah and you and yours stay well, but you use common sense in a lot of ways!

    3. Thank you Mariette, I'm really glad to meet you.

  2. Asparagus will appear in stores any day.
    I can't wait to cook asparagus for dinner.

    1. You are so lucky, Lucia. Here, asparagus is a bit rare.
      Stay safe and healthy