Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Actually we got tons of garden scraps, but it seem like nothing different with our back yard, a bit messy.
Our compost bin have already full of garden scraps (the compost bin is on the left corner).

It might the special thing was we could see our beautiful orchid patch.

We could find the beautiful things

The wood raspberry patch was a bit tidy.
There's no thorny leaves on the path way.

And the raised bed under the papaya tree was a bit brighter, cause we cut the papaya shoot to control the growth.

The papaya tree without shoot.
We hope it's work.

We need more time to make our garden tidy and also productive.

The garden guard...


  1. It looks tidy and healthy to me. An orchid patch? How wonderful!

    1. Yes, we have three tiny orchid patches. It might be better to named them orchid spots.

  2. Dearest Endah,
    Oh, I can see how your yard is consuming so much of your time.
    It is a constant battle as things grow so fast and so lush.
    Love your garden guards; cute and still strange for me.to see kitties with a bobtail instead of the long, often upright (when they're happy!) tail we're used to here.
    Yes, in Wonosobo the cats that came in our yard and on the roof, even into the attic, they had bobtails too.
    Both of us see the pruning back of trees and shrubs like having a haircut. We constantly have to shape them in the style we want. Also larger trees need to get stripped of their lower branches as they create shade for the smaller plants below. ALL growing plants need light and food...
    Lovely photos, also about the kitties, are they yours?

    1. Thank you Mariette.
      You're absolutely right. Actually gardening is so challenging.
      Yes, they are our kitties. Right now, we are having three kitties. But every day there are so many visitors come to our home or garden to play with ours and some times only to get meals

    2. Oh, our kitties also get visitors, their friends love to socialize with them, just basking in the sun on the driveway, being close together. That is fine! None of them is coming for meals, they're well fed. 🕊🌈💞

  3. Endah!
    You have a wonderful garden and lots of fantastic plants.
    Hugs and greetings.

  4. Endah,
    I see your garden is full of plants and flowers, especially orchids. The papaya tree looks good.