Sunday, April 12, 2020


Take the sun bath and do something more.
Yes... our roof garden get  great sun shine in the morning.

Our compost bin have already full enough.

So... this time to 'harvest' our home grown compost.

Filtering to get fine compost or our pot plants.

The rough materials are returned into the compost bin, and continue the composting process.

We get two pails of fine compost.

New Material from garden scrap have been getting in as soon. 

Lots of green material here; weed, old leaves and many more

Thanks God


  1. Plant compost is a real treasure.
    We're making him too.

  2. One of my favourite jobs on the allotment - so satisfying!

  3. Dearest Endah,
    Very clever way of making your own compost. We always have done so.
    Also we have one large bin for all our vegetable and fruit peels, seeds etc. That makes such wonderful compost and there is in the end not much bulk left as it mainly is water.
    You're a clever gardener in recycling nature's BEST.
    Over here people rake the leaves and then have them picked up from a pile alongside the street where they live (city limits of course) by the city garbage collection. How stupid can you be for throwing out the best nutrients?! Why not let them shrink in a pile and reuse for your garden. In the woods, nobody rakes up leaves; that stays there for being recycled by the trees and shrubs. Always learn from nature but some people lack any common sense...

    1. Thank you, Mariette.
      yeah, I think people evenly doesn't pay attention to their environment. Nature, our environment support our live, we have to care about it.