Wednesday, May 20, 2020


I'm really missing my parent...
During this pandemic period, we have to stay at home.
It seem it have been long time we couldn't meet each other.
We used to visit our parent 1-2 times a month, but it seem so long.
Although we have chat by phone for several times, but it was not enough.

Our Canna is blooming today.

It's reminding me into my parent fish pond, that the edge is full of Canna.
Growing naturally on a mass.
The bloom is so great.

We took the little plant several years ago, then this plant disappear for about two years.

But last year we found 'the baby' on the raised bed and path way.
It might be self seedling from the previous plant.

Enjoy the bloom... enjoy the memory of home town.


  1. Dearest Endah,
    Yes, it is sad for not being able to see and hug your Parents, especially for having them live so close to you! Crazy times we live in.
    But imagine, being an immigrant there are no visits or either you have to fly home and pay lots of money for doing so... We went in total in 36 years 66 times for visiting both or one Parent, after my Mom died in January 2015. Now my Dad is almost gone for one year as well... But the love is inside your heart and we all know that our souls will meet again one way or another. Still, humans yearn for the human touch of affection, just like the children need their Parents when still little to feel nurtured and loved.
    You are a very caring and nurturing person as is evident from your love for plants and everything living! Kitties are lucky for having you as a human parent and I think that plants and everything we care for will reward us.
    May this crazy 'panic' period soon end and our economies start to heal!

  2. I’m missing my sister who I usually visit twice a week. We are talking on the phone and using Facetime ever day but it’s not the same.

    Our two cannas died over winter even in the greenhouse,

    1. That's right, Sue. That's really different. We couldn't feel the real warmth of family

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