Friday, May 8, 2020


Something that make me so confuse this current time...

Our eastern backyard seem like a tiny jungle.
Although, we have already tidying up this area.

This wild fern is growing like crazy on our back yard. 

So lush...
I'm sure it's a self grown fern that  came from  flown spore.
We have no idea about the ID.

The runners are growing here and there on the raised bed.

Actually the main plant is growing on the stone wall.

The root is sticking strongly on the stone wall.

The leaf stalks are more than 150 cm.

My son's height is 140 cm... a simple comparison.
So beautiful... but make our tiny yard look so full.
However... Thanks GOD for the beautiful nature.


  1. Dearest Endah,
    Yep, the spores from ferns become easily air-born and they will freely sprout up everywhere. This post is so familiar to me as we've seen this lush fern growth while living and working in Java.
    It is true that things grow easily on fertile grounds and in such optimum climate but with the 'good' things that we chose to grow, come also those that kind of invade and want to take over... A constant battle!
    You take it for the best, enjoying beautiful nature!

  2. I loved your backyard, it has so many plants, it must be wonderful. I especially loved wild ferns, they have very long leaves.
    Have a nice Sunday

  3. Your yard is beautiful.
    In fact, it's a small jungle.