Saturday, May 16, 2020


This is our porch today...
Lets explore this tiny part!

The eastern part, next to the door.

A nature species of Aglaonema, with two pots of Calathea and a tiny Aglaonema 'Ruby'.

The western area...

A steel pot rack on the corner, that full of various Aglaonema.

There are Diffenbachia, Pepperomia, succulent, Bromeliad and dwarf pine 'Crocodile'.

Love this 'triangle'... LOL

Two different Diffenbachia that I took the baby from my parent garden.

Another variety of Diffenbachia.

The succulent.

Various Aglaonema on the rack...

Aglaonema 'Donna Carmen'

Aglaonema 'Pink Kochin'

Aglaonema 'Snow White'

Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine'

Aglaonema 'Butterfly' and 'Duth Anjamani'

The aglaonemas under the rack are in recovery period.

Thank GOD for this beautiful nature


  1. Lovely, lovely plants - but the cat has stolen the show!

  2. Dearest Endah,
    Just love the idea of you bringing home baby plants from your Parents' garden and growing them into strong healthy beauties at your own place.
    We have to admit that there is indeed a God that takes care of all little details here on earth and if we make the best out of our own surroundings, we create a mini-paradise that we can admire daily and realize how we ought to be grateful for so much.

  3. Subur,cantik dan nyaman. Porch saya pun dihiasi daunan hijau.


  4. There is much peace and beauty on your porch, Andah, evoking memories of your parents' garden. Lovely! P.x