Wednesday, May 13, 2020

WEEKLY HARVEST : MAY 2020 (1st week)

On Sunday night (May 3), we found a papaya fruit get ripen. 
The skin was turn orange.
So we picked it soon, before the bat bite it.
Look smaller than common variety. that we used to grow.

Almost every day we picked 'kembang telang' or butterfly pea.
We collect and then dry it for blue tea.

Get some markisa or passion fruits in every single day.

Collected some fallen 'ciplukan' or golden berry almost every day from our terrace garden.

Big harvest on Thursday; kale, curly caisim, golden berry, markisa, kara bean, young papaya fruit, pare (bitter gourd), tomatoes and also kembang Telang.

A bunch of kara bean from back yard wall.

Six bitter gourds or 'Pare'.

Golden cherry tomatoes.

Tomato 'Mawar', means rose.

A young papaya fruit have fallen on to the ground after a heavy downpour along the night.

Get more bonus from weeding time, a bunch of edible weeds on Sunday.

On Sunday we also get some ceremai (Phyllanthus acidus) and oyster mushroom.
Some fallen ceremai...

Finally these little fruits became part of or mix fruit lemonade.


  1. Ooh! Look at those lovely harvests! Very exciting, many I haven't heard of, but the papaya I love and have eaten on holiday many times. I love the sound of 'blue tea' - I hope it's as blue as the flowers :-)

    1. Thank you, Belinda. The tea has real blue color.

  2. Fantastic harvest from the garden.
    Hugs and greetings.

  3. How many fruits and vegetables you have in backyard. Some I didn't know like Pare and the ceremai (Phyllanthus acidus).

    1. Yes, most of our crop are tropical plants, that love high humidity and also warm weather.

  4. Dearest Endah,
    What a wonderful rewards you are getting and all fresh and home grown! So healthy and also educational for your kids.
    Envy you for these exotic things... Love the golden berry, it looks great on a cake as decoration with e.g. chocolate.