Friday, May 1, 2020


Actually this patch is out of my attention.

A mass of 'Bunga Pacar air' or rose Balsam (Impatien balsamina) ynext to the front wall.

Growing naturally by self seeding.

Last year, I planted two varieties of this plant on the box planter on the front wall.
These previous plants have already died, but the next generation have already grow up and multiplied.
The old fruits will broken and spread  the seeds.

So during this rainy season, the seeds grow naturally, then show us their beautiful color.

The interesting thing is we find a variegated plant in that mass.

So beautiful...

Look so different!

I have never seen before.

Another variety...

Two colors in one...

Love it...
Thanks GOD


  1. How beautiful - especially the deep red one

  2. Dearest Endah,
    Oh, I do recall seeing lots and lots of Impatients grow alongside the road when driving with our driver up to Dieng Plateau to work.
    But yours are SPECTACULAR because they're double flowers!!! WOW... I would love to take a starter if I only could stretch my arms that far...
    Yes, in nature we can at times see a spontaneous mutation! But there is NO guarantee that the offspring of those variegated will be variegated as well. Tricky thing in biology breeding but if it happens in our gardens, before our eyes, we just have to indulge in it!

    1. Thank you, Mariette. Yes, Here sometimes we could find a mass of wild Impatiens along the road side or near the farmland area. Growing wildly, so natural. I love it.