Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yesterday... when I  was looking for a file on my computer I found my old folder.
An interesting and funny folder I think.
This folder remind me to my adventure with my friends about seven years ago.
We were sixes and coworkers in same office.
Still young (???)... have the same passion and enthusiasm to the nature.
So... we formed a group that we called "The Dream Team", cause we had same dream.
Our dreams...explore, identify, make some experiment, empower and conserve our natural resources in Banjarnegara (local area).
Exaggerate... of course...
We all knew that Banjarnegara have an abundant natural resources.
Just a little step...worthless...
I think better than we didn't do nothing...
Checking wild mint ecosystem

Counting wild mint on the rain

Checking the idle land to cultivate mint
Discussing what we found

Don't you think that we were  professionals.
Absolutely... amateurs!!!
We fund our self.
But on 2007 and 2008 we got sponsor from local Government through my office.
There so many plant that we observed.
The first was wild mint (Mentha arvensis var Javanica Bentham).
We transplanted and cultivated  the wild species.
We also tried to make some processed products from it.

Mint on the wild life

Ready to be picked

this is our mint on our trial's land

The dream team in action

We're so glad cause our mint grew wildly like as on their wild life.

Discussing the progress
Maybe mint is an common or ordinary plant in sub tropics.
But in my country, it's not easy to cultivate it in hot and dry climate.
For you all that's nothing....
But for us that's so special...


  1. That looks a lot like our wild mint, it grows near our spring but there is one colony up the hill a way. I have made a nice tea with it. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Yes... maybe it is same species I think. On the wild live, we found it on the wet land, especially near spring or creek on the hill. We made tea, syrup and aromatherapy from it.
      Have a nice weekend