Sunday, October 27, 2013


Rainy season was began.
All fresh... all wet...
New life...
The dormancy was broken.
My 'sleeping beauties' were already awake.

Actually, my 'sleeping beauties' are Caladium species.
In Indonesia, they are called keladi or talas hias. 
I have six varieties of caladium.
I found  the three varieties of them were raising.

I planted them on my front yard.
They are wild varieties that we could find them grow wildly under the trees or road side.
They usually start the dormancy period at the end of the rainy season.
The dormancy usually will broken  at the end of dry season or in the early of rainy season. 

Here they are...

The first...

The second...

The third...

It's time to wake up...
Who next....


  1. I love caladiums, especially the ones with pink spines or spots. Yours are beautiful! This is the third time I am awake this morning. We have a heavy storm here in The Netherlands. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. We can find wild caladiums everywhere at this season here. They are forgotten of beauty. I hope the weather will friendly.

  2. We buy caladium as pot plants for the house - they are fairly expensive and difficult to keep even indoors

    1. Actually hybrid caladiums are fairly expensive too. But we can find so many wild caladiums here. They will grow well outdoor in the shady area. I planted them under the mussaenda and bilimbi tree, sometime we can put it on the porch. It's not easy to plant them indoor.

  3. They have such beautiful leaves. We have lots of rain here today too.

    1. Yea, we have lots of rain this week. So, the caladiums got the best condition for their growth and development.

  4. The Caladium, another beautiful houseplant of us. I like to see these, for us, special plants growing in your garden or even in the wild. We have some heavy showers today too but worse is the storm, a severe storm is raging across our country, damaging trees, glasshouses and so on.

    1. The weathers are not friendly enough for us. I hope we all safe.