Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This week my front yard had more fragrance.
My red kamboja (Plumeria rubra) is blomming.
Sweet fragrance...
Fresh scent... 
And make my front yard more colorful... of course!

In Indonesia we usually find this plant in temple yards or parks.
It's also well known as a popular landscape plant.
In the dry season, they will fall their leaves and raise their flower buds.

Kamboja is well known as red frangipani, red jasmine or temple tree.
Kamboja grows as a spreading shrub or small tree to a height of 2–7 m.
It has a thick succulent trunk and sausage-like blunt branches covered with a thin grey bark. 
The branches are somewhat brittle and when broken, ooze a white latex that can be irritating to the skin. 
The flowers are terminal, appearing at the ends of branches, and strongly fragrant.

Please follow the progress...

The flower cluster two weeks ago

Last week...

Three days ago

Could you smell the fragrance...?


  1. The beautiful flower, have a nice day!

  2. That is a really beautiful flower - how big is the plant?

    1. My kamboja is about 2 meters in tall and 2 meters in diameter. I plant five years ago. The growth is very slow. The diameter of flower is about 5 cm.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, the flowers were growing so fast, but the tree grow slowly.

  4. that is lovely. Our little plant battled, and gave up. The summer was too hot and dry for it.

    1. Here, dry season is the best time for kamboja to showing their flowers. In tropics they will grow well on dry and hot weather. Maybe they look poor cause lost their leaves, but the tree will full of flower. Wet weather will stimulate their vegetative growth.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Michelle. I hope you feel the fragrance.

  6. We don't have the frangipani here, far too cold but I can imagine how they smell, because once I was in Indonesia on holidays a long time ago, I saw these plants on many places in different colours and I remember their fragrance, lovely.

    1. People who ever smell this fragrance will always remember the beauty.