Saturday, October 26, 2013


This is my lucky year in gardening.
Look... My 'anggrek merpati' or white dove orchids are blooming again.

 Actually this orchid usually blooms twice a year.
In the good condition they could bloom four time a year, but the plant only  shows a few of flowers. 
Usually I have to wait about  3- 4 months to find the blossom again.
Now I'm lucky...
The last time blossom of this orchid  in my garden were in September 25.
Today... they are blooming again!

So much flowers and so strong fragrant...
This is my fragrant day.
Today, we are getting this fragrant, but no more for tomorrow.
They only bloom and spread the fragrant only for one day.
As the name suggest ... 'one day orchids'.

This is a species orchid.
It is not easy to stimulate the flowering time.
Flowering time more influence by the weather.
The extreme weather between night and day will stimulate this orchid to emerge their flower buds.

Here they are the orchid on my front yard...

And this is on my back yard...

Do you still remember the bees nest?
Here they are...

Please you all enjoy the blossom and the fragrance from far away.
Have a fragrant day.


  1. Beautiful. Your garden must smell heavenly with all the perfumed flowers that you grow or grow close by,

    1. Maybe this is the fragrant day in my town and so many place surrounding. This flowers will bloom together on the same time just one day. We can find them bloom on the old tree at the road side today.

  2. Have a fragrant day. We need odornet on internet! Linda

    1. Yes Linda. I'm agree with you. So we can share the fragrance from our country to the world wide!

  3. Welcome Endah on a Sunday morning!
    Your garden will find beautiful flowers and plants.
    It is like paradise.
    I wish you a nice day.
    Greetings from Polish far.

    1. Thank you Lucia. I hope you can get the beauty and the scent of this orchids from far away

  4. Lovely shrub to look at, wonderful scent must be a bonus! Your garden must smell heavenly at this time of year. Is it a rainy season? I'm seeing raindrops on the petals!

    1. You allright Caro. October is the begining of rainy season. We got rain almost along the night. Today we can find this orchids blooming along the road side. They were grown wildly on the old tree. I reslly love it

  5. Those flowers look like birds flying.

  6. Oh, it must be wonderful to grow orchids in the yard! How beautiful! So many blooms, too. Lovely.

    1. I love this orchid. They growing wildly on my garden, so natural. I took it from an old tree 2 years ago. I put it on the trees and brick wall. So they always give me their beautiful flowers and scent

  7. Such beautiful Orchids, Endah. I am really enjoying your blog.

    Leanne xx

  8. This is a real wonderful orchid, flowering four times a year. And you have so many fragrant plants, every day new scents. Here we have not much fragrance anymore in the garden, on wet days we can smell the earth, but today it rains cats and dogs and tomorrow's forecast is storm.

    1. Really wonderful. Because they can bloom together in so many diffrent places at the same time. Once again, I'm lucky that I live in tropics. We can growing and planting around the year.