Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have aromatic garden on the corner of my front yard.
There are so many aromatic plants.
There are rose, pandan (Pandanus sp), srigading (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis), mondokaki (Tabernaemontana divaricata), kenanga (Cananga odorata), kamboja (Plumeria rubra), anggrek merpati (Dendrobium sp), angelonia, jasmine, citrus, sweet basil and also I get bonus from coffee plants.

I usually spent the time after work here.
Sitting on the garden bench....
Getting aromatic scents...
Relaxing time...
Refresh my soul...

This is my kenanga (Cananga odorata var fruticosa) or dwarft ylang ylang...
An aromatic flower...
It's well known as perfume tree or cananga tree.
This is a tropical tree which originates from South-east Asia and is valued for its perfume. 
The essential oil derived from the flowers is used in aromatherapy.

Kenanga is a fast-growing tree of the custard-apple family Annonaceae.
The evergreen leaves are smooth and glossy, oval, pointed and with wavy margins, and 13–20 cm long. 

The flower is drooping, long-stalked, with six narrow, greenish-yellow petals, rather like a sea star in appearance, and yields a highly fragrant essential oil.

This plant grows as small tree or compact shrub with highly scented flowers.

Mature flower
This essential oil well known as aromatherapy for relaxing, relieve high blood pressure, and to smoothing the skins.
In Indonesia, especially in Javanese tradition, this flowers always present on many traditional procession or ceremony.
This flower usually are spread on the bed of newlywed couples and as decoration on bride hairs.
In Java... it's really sacred flower.
Peoples believe that they have magical power.

Young flowers
Believe or not.... I just like the scent and its beautiful flower.
Can you catch the scent?


  1. You seem to fit an awful lot of plants into your garden. An aromatic patch sounds wonderful.

    1. I love flowers fragrant. I ever read some books about aromatherapy. The cheapest way to get aromatherapy benefit from many kind of plant is inhale the aroma from the real flowers or leaves. So to get the fresh aroma, I made an aromatic garden.

  2. Even more perfume beautiful - you have an aromatherapy treatment every time you leave the house. It's great to put a name to the perfume. You are educating me well!

    1. Thank you. Yeah, I usually spent time with my family there, enjoy there breeze and scents on my aromatic garden.

  3. I could almost smell it! You have so many flowers growing on the tree! My kenanga bush is still too young to give flowers- I have planted it near my gate so that passersby would also get the heavenly scent..

    1. I think kenanga will grow well in India, cause we have almost similar climate. My kenanga still 125 cm tall. They blooms everyday and give me aromatic scent.

  4. I can only smell that my coffee is ready this morning but it is a nice plant to just look at and the smell would be a bonus.

    1. I love smell of coffee also coffee flowers fragrant. Combine both of them is a great experience.

  5. Oh Endah
    You show us the true wonders of nature.
    The beautiful flower.
    With me this morning was - 6 degrees Celsius cold.
    Greetings from Polish far.