Saturday, October 12, 2013


We got cocoa powder from cocoa mass yesterday.
Now, we will make chocolate from the cocoa mass.
Frozen chocolate....
To make a chocolate, we need cocoa mass (cocoa pasta), cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder.
The proportion from each ingredients is depending on our taste or our wishes.
But the cocoa mass should be the main ingredient.
We can also add cashews, almond, peanuts, raisin or other dry additional ingredients to increase the flavor.

Cocoa mass

The first process is mixing.
All of the ingredient (except additional ingredient) will mixed in a mixing machine until we get a homogeneous paste.

Second process is refining.
The homogenous paste will refined to get finer paste.

Third process is conching.
Conching is the final step in determining the ultimate flavor and texture of the chocolate. 
The conching machine, so-called because the original designs resembled seashells, kneads and massages the chocolate mixture for 18-60 hours at 60 -70 Celsius degrees. 
The speed, temperature, and length of the conching process determines the final texture and flavor of the chocolate.
This is the same machine that used in pulverizing process.
In this process, the water content will be reduced.

Fourth process is molding.
We can use various forms of molds. 
Big molds for chocolate block or chocolate bar.
Little mold for chocolate candy.
Before the paste pour into the mold, it must be conditioned through the heater in 33 - 48 Celsius degrees gradually for about 12 - 15 minutes, in order to melt the cocoa's crystal. 
In this process we can add the additional ingredient.
Then it poured into the mold.
After that, we put the molds in the cooling room for about 30 minutes.

here they are... our chocolates

The last process is demolding.
We take out the chocolate from the mold, then it's ready to be packed.
cocoa block

We have been getting  so many product from cacao.
So... Do you know what is the difference between cacao and cocoa?
Don't be confuse!
Don't miss the next 'cacao talk'...
I hope you enjoy this cacao talk....


  1. Yeah... we should be patient to felt the delicacy. Long process and needs long time to express 'yummy'. Have a nice weekend

  2. I bet it smells so good when it is cooking, looks wonderful.

  3. Yea... so aromatic. We can also find cocoa fragrance in many high class perfume. You can imagine the aroma of the production room... smells good and so sweet....

  4. It looks delicious. I love the little chocolates in their own little cases.

    1. Yea, it was the first and only chocolate that I have ever made from cocoa. The simplest one.

  5. I need to catch up reading your blogs about chocolate. This looks delicious! Linda

    1. Thank you Linda. Don't miss the next post, the last part of 'cacao talk'. I hope this series will more useful.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Khammany. I hope you enjoy this 'cacao talk'

  7. I love chocolate :-) Thank you Endah Murniyati for the (this one and earlier post) very informative posts on cocoa! Although I live in a country which produces the bean also, I have not seen a cocoa shrub for a very long time already!!

    1. Thank you Stephanie. I'm glad if you enjoy my 'cacao talk'. Our country and yours have a lot of similarity. Welcome to my blog.