Friday, October 4, 2013


About two months ago I planted cucumber from seeds on my bed. 
I think the seeds were not good enough.
The percentage of germination below fifty percent.
And the growth was really sluggish.
But I got something  interesting from the seeds.
One of the seeds maybe run into mutation.
So I got a little variegated cucumber plant.
The leaves color are mix between green and creamy white.

But I'm so sorry, this plant couldn't survive longer.
The plant only stand on about four weeks, then died.
Actually, I want to know how it grow bigger and the fruit set.
But that was over...
I hope some day I find something interesting ... again


  1. Oh, I was waiting for the variegated cucumber fruit! Maybe next time. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Maybe it's my lucky found variegated cucumber plant. But I couldn't find the fruits.
      Have a nice weekend.

    2. I've heard of Varigated Cucumber Magnolia trees.....they're supposed to be extremely rare, and highly valued by collectors. I was looking for more info on this very rare tree when I saw a link to your post. Sadly, it turned out you were referring to the Cucumber vegetable....not that I don't like Cukes.....I have quite a few growing in my bucket garden. If you, or anyone else knows anything about this rare tree, please let me know. LRY143@yahoo.com Thank you

  2. I have seen this happen on some weeds that got a light spray of weed killer but hopefully this isn't what happened to your plant. Maybe next planting it will grow to maturity.

    1. Yeah...something interesting usually come unexpectedly. Always there is a bright side in every incident. I got a special plant from low qualified seed.
      Have a nice weekend

  3. Hello Endah, just found you via your lovely comments on my blog, thank you! You have a very interesting blog here, I'll be coming back to read on a regular basis. (Could you put a "Follow by email" widget in your sidebar? I follow quite a few blogs that way so that I don't miss any posts!). Love your perseverance in growing mint (last post) - in the UK we have to grow it in containers as it spreads so quickly!
    The variegation on your cucumber will be due to cross pollination with the parent plants before it set seed. What a shame that it didn't grow well, you'd have had some great plants to show!

    1. Welcome to my blog. Please enjoy my adventure in tropical home garden at urban area. Thank you for sharing me your knowledge, also for your lovely comment. Please come back.

  4. How would i be able to send/post a photo as a comment on your Blog.

  5. How would i be able to send/post a photo as a comment on your Blog.