Sunday, August 17, 2014


This is my first time growing Brussel sprout on my garden.
I grow it on a pot.
I think, it's more easy for me to control the growth.

I sowed the seeds on February.
From five seeds that I've sowed, only a seedling that stand on.

If we look this plant from upper side, this plant look normal.

But please notice this whole plant...
You can see the tubby stem.

I now, it does not grow normally.
I think, it should be producing so many sprouts on the leaf axils.
But I didn't find the sprouts yet.

Is the pot too small?
Does the plant need more space and better media?
Or should I move the plant on to the ground?

Readers, if you have experience on growing Brussel Sprouts, please share...
I have to learn a lot of things about this plant.
Thank you for sharing.


  1. Brussels sprouts need firm planting and they are hungry feeders maybe it can't be planted firmly enough in a pot. Also have you stripped off the bottom leaves as these feed the plant?

  2. Sue gave you good advice, Endah. I don't grow Brussel sprouts, but I enjoy eating them, so maybe I'll try to grow some next year. P. x

  3. I tried to grow Brussels once and the sprouts were there but a freeze came before they were ready for harvest. I wish you luck with yours. I made a very tasty brussel sprout and bacon salad this past weekend :-)

    1. Wow... sound so interesting, it must be so tasty!

  4. Brussels sprouts need a lot of food. Top-compost.
    In my country harvest begins in October.
    At the moment, my Brussels sprouts are not small cabbage.

  5. Hi friend!!!! My father grows brussel sprouts and he finds that they need a lot of space to grow in the ground. I am amazed at how large your plant is in that pot!! You really have a green thumb lady!! Wishing you a wonderful week! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thank you for sharing the tips.
      Happy gardening and have a wonferful week!

  6. The stem looks like kailan's stem.. only that the size is bigger..