Thursday, August 7, 2014


About three weeks ago I went to Seedling Division with my husband to check the Vanilla patch there.
I also took some pictures for my last monthly series.
I walked along the nursery and the garden, and I found some soursop trees that full of fruits.
The fruits were hanging on the twigs, looked so bountiful!

Then the senior worker climb a soursop tree and picked two fruits for me.
Two big soursops...
I though the bigger one was more than a kilogram in weight.

This was Sirsak Madu, a recommended variety of soursop.
Sirsak means soursop, and Madu means honey.
The common names of soursop in Indonesia are Sirsak, Sirsat, Nangka Belanda or Nangka Sabrang.
The fresh ripen fruit from the tree should be ripening later for about 2 - 5 days, depend on the degree of maturity.
The little one that I have had only needed  two days to get full ripen fruits, but the big one needed five days. 

Look the exotic green skin....

So from the name we can guess how about the taste.
The taste was so sweet.
Absolutely delicious...

The flesh is white.
The texture was so tender and juicy, so fresh...

The seeds are black...
We can find a lot of seeds inside the fruit
I collected the seeds to be planted on my garden.

Do you have special fruit this week?
Please share...


  1. The flesh look so fresh and juicy. sweet? wow!... I want to have some! I find it hard to get good ones here... I meant buying... sigh.

    1. Yes very sweet, it should be called 'sweetsop' .... lol... no sour taste on the flesh like common soursop.

  2. Salam Endah,

    Kami di sini panggil Durian Belanda. Kalau di buat juice sedap sangat! Aduh terasa kemanisan dan kemasaman buah ini.. yummy!

    1. Sirsak yang ini tak ada rasa asam sedikitpun, sangat manis, enak dimakan langsung. Sirsak biasa lebih enak dibuat juice karena rasa asamnya.

    2. Another plant that I have never seen! No fruit here, we would have peaches but the invasive stink bugs have ruined it all.

    3. Oh... I'm so sorry about your peaches, you should be have a bountiful harvest. Stink bugs also made any problem on my pumpkin vines several months ago.

  3. Can you cook this fruit or do you just eat it raw?

    1. It's the best to be eaten raw . The taste will so sweet and fresh. But common soursop with dominant of sour taste is much better to be processed as sweetened juice, jam, puree, pasta, candied or just boiled it with some water and sugar.

  4. My favourite fruit and also it's juice...

  5. How interesting! I"ve never heard of it.
    I 'd like to taste it.

    1. Thank you. Welcome to my blog.
      I think you could try to taste it, when you visiting tropical countries.

  6. I love the juice of this fruit. We put it on the blender with cold water and add just a bit of sugar and we make a lovely juice for Summer. We also eat it just as it is. How do you use it?

    1. Yes, we do the same way on the common soursop. But for this variety Iuse to eat it freshly, just as it is.
      Thank you for stopping by, Angela. Have a wonderful week!