Friday, August 29, 2014


The main end product from Melati gambir is Jasmine tea.
Farmers only have one orientation on growing this plant, harvesting the flower buds.
From our observation, actually full blooming jasmines are wasted products.
Everyday we can find a lot of  these 'wasted products' on the farmland.

Then we took a discussion to solve this problem, how to get benefit from the 'wasted products'.
I have had an idea to make a simply syrup from these full blooming jasmine.
The idea was basic on the main end product a jasmine scented beverage.
My friends agreed to my idea, and I got an assignment to design an experiment to get a formula for the 'Melati Gambir Syrup'.
Actually, it didn't need long time to get the best formula.
Using an old concept: 50% sugar and 50% juice.
In this case, juice is scented water. 
The sugar concentration more than 50% is enough to preserve foods up to 6 months.
From my experiments, full blooming jasmine has plain taste, but the flower bud has very bitter taste.
So... selection was an interesting process on making jasmine syrup.
The best formula that we've gotten was ready to be spread.
Then we designed a training to train the farmers how to make jasmine syrup.
So they could optimize their jasmine, and get more income from their wasted products.



Simple bottling process...



  1. Great projekt! You really care and that is so lovely to see and read.,,
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    Yours Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah, I hope you like it.
      Have a nice week.

  2. Wspaniały pomysł! Taki jaśminowy syrop jest na pewno pyszny. Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

    1. Thank you Ewa. The syrup is so fresh and relaxing. That's great to be served both of cool and hot.