Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I think a week  is just a short time, but it's a very long time for my back yard.
Yeah... I left my home and garden for about a week, but I was not full left them.
We went home about three times, although just for a moment to did  laundry or just cleaned our house and of course watering our garden.

But my back yard that full of vines was lost from our attention.
We almost have never noticed this plot during our last holiday.

Now... so many vines are growing so thrive.
Pumpkin, bitter gourd, luffa, pole bean, kara bean, chayote, long yard bean, kacang tolo (a varian of long yard bean), and also passion fruit... all look like a dense bush.

They are climbing here and there, trying to reach supports to stand on.
On the clothes line, wall, old twigs, ground, roof or path way... everything...

I'm finding some little luffas on the clothes line.
And also a little bitter gourd under the roof.
Some bitter gourd buds hanging on the clothes line.
Such a very nice weather for their growths.

I have to tidy up this patch soon.
Some vines are showing me their flowers, so to make them growing better and giving me great harvest, I have to make more space to optimizing  their growth.
Pruning, trimming and directing their shoot's growth...

Hope I have time and favorable weather to do outdoor activity.
Or... there will be a new little jungle here...


  1. But what a productive jungle! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. It is like a jungle! Do you have any trouble from snakes?

    1. Yes, I have ever had trouble from snake, but my cats always do their job well, hunting and taking out the snake from my garden.

  3. An amazing jungle!!! WOW! Look at all of that goodness growing there! I need to get more vines of every variety as they just add dimension and awesomeness! A wonderful day to you!!! Nicole xo

    1. Thank you Nicole! You're allright. Vines always give more than green view, but also dimension. I love to see tropical rain forest that full of exotic and beautiful vines that climb on the trees. When I see my vines grow wildly, I feel that my garden looks so tropical.
      Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful week.

  4. Wah..subur dan menjadi betul kebun sayuran Endah. Cantik dan sihat betul buah petola yang keluar. Pasti nanti buahnya panjang dan besar.

    1. Terima kasih Kak. Semoga saja tak ada gangguan lalat buah, sehinggs buahnya bisa panjang dan besar.

  5. Salam Endah,

    Banyak nya pokok sayur... geram tengok! Pasti nya tak perlu bali sayur lagi kan? Jimat uang!

    1. Salam Honey,
      Betul, cukup beli lauk saja. Sayur dari kebun sendiri lebih segar, hemat dan sehat

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you. Sometimes I feel that this is a tough plot, although I just give a little attention. A lovely plot.