Monday, August 25, 2014


Here, Melati gambir is usually planted in dry land with good drainage.
It grows so well during the rainy season.

Melati gambir is usually planted from cutting or layering.
Cuttings and layering are taken from healthy and productive stems.
But layering is mostly applied, cause it much easier and low in risk.
The stems usually come from productive shrubs, about three years old after planting.
After two months, the seedlings are ready to be planted on the farmland.

The little plants are planted on the farms during the rainy season.
The spacing row on planting is about 2 meters in row and 3 meters between rows.

Ferlitizing is applied twice a year using compost and NPK.
Farmers usually spray some additional fertilizer on to their plants every month to promote flowering.

Pruning is the main activity to keep the shrub tidy and productive.
Old leaves, non productive branches and damaged shoots must be pruned.
Pruning will promote new productive shoots.

Pest control is a must...
Green caterpillar is the most serious bug on this cultivation.
They can make serious damage on the plants.

Look this poor branch...
All buds were damaged only in a short period.

Grasshopper also make some damage on this plant.
They make holes on the leaves and also the flower buds.

Next, we will talk about flowering stage.
I hope you all enjoy this series.


  1. I read this and your previous post on Jasmine with great interest. Do you know how long these cuttings take to root?

    1. Thank you Sarah. These cuttings usually take to root in two weeks, even earlier during the warm wet weather.

  2. The little green caterpillar must have had a shock

  3. It seems there's always pests out to get our plants.

  4. salam endah,
    i just wonder, wat are differences between melati gambir to jasmine, or here in malaysia we call it melur...
    Thats great! its were planted for commercial used..

    1. Salam Ana,
      Here, every member of Jasminum family is called melati.

  5. Very interesting ~ I am learning so much. Have a wonderful day in your beautiful country.

  6. Very informative! Now I learn a bout new plant! ;)