Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Yesterday, we have talked about harvesting Melati gambir buds.
Now we are talking about the post harvest, especially distribution.
Lady pickers usually collect the buds using plastic buckets.
Then the buds from each bucket will be gathered on a sack that made of plastic net.

The sacks are usually on black color.
They use plastic net sacks in order to keep the buds in good condition during the shipping.
Flower buds need good aeration to keep them stay fresh up to the destination.
The farmers say that black color of the sack will keep the temperature of the sacks warmer to promote the blooming, and the net keep the sack from over warming and sweaty.

The farmer usually meet with the agent of tea factories at the appointed place after the mid day.
The flower buds will be weighed and then poured in to the sack from the factory. 

The sacks from the factory are usually in blue color.
This color will keep the pile of the sacks in the truck avoid of sweating and over warming. 
Truck to transport these flower buds have a special design, that the cover of front and back is made of wire net.
So this truck will have a good air circulation.

The trucks always cross the road quickly and spread the nice fragrance along the roads.
The truck drivers are usually very capable of driving like a racer.
Yes... the buds must be arrived in the tea factory before the flowers bloom.
They're starting the bloom on the evening.
This is the critical period.
When the flowers are starting to bloom, they spread their strongest fragrance.
If the flower buds come late, so the fragrance that produced by the flowers are not maximal.
Today the flower buds have arrived at the tea factory, next we will talk about processing to make Jasmine Tea.
I hope you all enjoy this series.
Have a nice day.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, very very labor intensive from the beginning until the end of process.

  2. Like your lessons on Vanilla, Tea and others, this is showing things that I have never seen about this flavor. A lot of work to arrive at a nice end result.

    1. Yes, no pain no gain. It needs a lot of work and long time process to get a high quality product.