Tuesday, August 23, 2016


It's so lovely...
Yes, finally we can find a very lush 'labu siam' or chayote vine (Sechium edule) in our tiny garden!
This is for the first time we are success on growing creamy version of chayote.
We used to grow the green version.
You can check our effort on growing this version here and here, although we were not lucky with the vine, the squash bugs was so annoying.

Look... the vine is growing high reaching the roof.
I have no idea how the tendril 'hold' the wall with 'over loaded vine'.

We can find some male flowers at the vine.

Hey... there's a female flower too...

The female flower, closer...

Wow... I'm finding a little fruit here, among the butterfly pea vine.

The fruit is still so small...

The heat hot day makes the leaves get withered, but they will fresh again in the afternoon, when the weather becomes cooler.

Thanks GOD...


  1. Wonderful that you are at last successful with this chayote vine. The blue flowers of the butterfly pea vine are magnificent to especially with the background of the pale grey and white house, love it.

  2. Your chayote is fruiting! How wonderful! My chayote plant is still in the seedling stage, growing really well right now. Could not wait for the fruits to come later!

    1. I hope yours will grow so healthy and productive

  3. That is amazing! It looks like it's growing up a cable!

  4. beberapa kali tanam tapi mati sekerat jalan...

  5. Very pretty. There's something special about plants that climb! And that one has beautiful blooms and fruit!

  6. It is making for the sky. I was going to ask if you had wires on the wall to help it cling but from what you have written I guess that it is just clinging onto the wall. I hope that you manage to harvest some fruit.

  7. Wonderful photos, Please look at our Mirliton (labu siam) web site at www.mirliton.org