Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Last weekend we had time to tidy up the messy raised bed in the backyard.
Actually, this is a simple spices garden for daily use on cooking.
But the unpredictable weather makes this part looks so messy.
The sweet potatoes grew so wildly during this 'wet' dry season, I think it's caused by 'la nina effect'.
They grew here and there, then covered the path way.
There're lot of holes on the sweet potato leaves, lots of caterpillars too. 
So, tidied up this patch is a must.

Then, I pulled out all of them and only leave the collocasia on the edge of the raised bed.
And I got a bunch of collocasia leaves to be stir fried.

Nero accompanied me on digging the very heavy soil.

It looked like a concrete, so hard...

A sweaty day...
Spreading compost and other organic material to keep the soil porous.
But if the rain fall down intensively, so the soil become like a concrete faster.
Look the raised bed right now... ready for the new spice patch.

Happy gardening...


  1. Oh a spice patch sounds lovely, very neat and tidy now x

  2. Wow what a great job! What you plan to plant Endah?

    1. I want to grow some rizhomes from Zingiberaceae family. For our daily needs.

  3. Sweaty day? LOL it is hot even at night here. Just a little more movement and I will be sweating. Btw I really like how your spicy patch is looking now - very tidy :)

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. Here, we have a very hot weather here, although lots of rain too here.

  4. Good work! After a spell of work like that it is really satisfying to see such a nice tidy bed like that?