Thursday, August 25, 2016


This  month we're having green patch in our back yard.
We plot a raised bed and we planted so many leafy vegetables here, mostly from brassica family.

We haven't finish planting yet, there's some empty space here.
There're Sawi Jepang, Caisim, Mustard green, Sawi keriting, Cauliflower, Katu (Saorophus androgenus) and papaya.

I put the Katu and papaya next to the wall, on the edge of the bed.
Then three sawi jepang which grow so healthy.
The next row, a bit poor of Caisim, and mustard green.

Grasshopers and crickets chewed the leaves.
Look... lots of holes there...

I think there's little caterpillar too...
The row of sawi keriting is the worst one.

I have no idea to minimize the damage, I think I should pull out the plants then move it into the compost bin or spraying the plants.


  1. Wherever we live it seems that an army of pests are intent on devastating our crops.

  2. I wonder if there are organic methods to deal with the insects? Maybe companion plants that would repel them? Or maybe beneficial insects that would eat the harmful ones? It seems unfortunate to spray plants you're planning to eat. Good luck! Maybe the bugs will move on and your harvest will be great.

    1. I have a plan to make organic spray from so many aromatic plants and herbs to keep our garden safe.