Wednesday, August 24, 2016


As we live in tropical area, and especially  in a crowded neighborhood, so our garden  always have problem with the sun shine needs.
Lots of shady and part shady area where not so productive for gardening.
So... when the sun 'move' I means do its rotation, so we have to follow the movement to get a favorable sunshine for our crops.
The implementation is we have to make a good plan and garden lay out.
Where is the best place for each variety, although it sometimes does not do well, caused by too much plants to be grown on a very limited land...
Oh please...
We have to move some pots here and there 'chasing the sun'.

Now, we have to move lots of the strawberry pots to get more sunshine.
They looks so productive in a sunny area.

I moved the pots from terrace garden into backyard.
Rather I put them on the edge of washing area.

Hoping they will be more productive.

Hmmm... such a busy gardener...


  1. Assalam Endah... wah banyaknya strawberi.. sudah ada yg berbuah.. one fine day mau semai semula strawberi..

  2. You do have a busy time. Our problem is often having some sun to chase. Yesterday was lovely and today is dull. Our weather is very changeable.

  3. Strawberry season is over here. Very sad...

  4. Your garden keeps you busy. Strawberries are not in here. My ever-bearings strawberries still put out a few here and there.. Our summer was suppose to be our dry season, but it was rainy this year. Your plants look so healthy.

  5. At your climate is tropical and temperate me.
    You can harvest several times a year. I once or not at all.
    Your strawberries look very beautifully.

  6. To bardzo kłopotliwe wędrowanie z doniczkami ale dzięki temu rośliny pięknie rosną!
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam.