Monday, December 16, 2013


Dewandaru also well known as an ornamental cause its beautiful leaves.
This plant is usually used as bonsai, cause its beautiful plant shape.
Look the shoot...

Young leaves are bronze or reddish in color.
The mature leaves have deep glossy green.
The leaves have 2 cm wide, and up to 4 cm long. 
During the dry and cold weather on the highland could be turn red.
I guess it will be happen during the winter or fall in subtropics.

When bruised, crushed or cut, the leaves and branches have a spicy resinous fragrance.
Crushed leaves release a pungent oil which is used as insect repellent, especially flies.


Dewandaru has several significant pharmacological properties. 

A leaf infusion is used as stomachic and astringent.
The leaves efficacious as antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflamatory.  
The leaf decoction is drunk as a cold remedy. 

The leaves yield essential oil containing citronellal, geranyl acetate, geraniol, cineole, terpinene, sesquiterpenes and polyterpenes. 
Its essential oil is antihypertensive, antidiabetic, antitumor and analgesic.

The foliage is occasionally attacked by scale insects and caterpillars.
Among diseases encountered  are leaf spot, thread blight, anthracnose, twig dieback and root rot.
Today, we are seeing the beauty of Dewandaru leaves.
Next, we will see the beauty of its flowers.
Enjoy the series...


  1. Beautiful leaf colour. With all those properties I guess the bugs that eat it are very healthy.

  2. That is a neat plant, I would have never suspected it to have those properties as it kind of looks like our honeysuckle plant.

  3. Hello!
    Another fantastic plant.
    Thank you, I could meet her.
    I send greetings from distant Polish.

    1. Hi Lucia, Thank you for coming. Have a wonderful day

  4. That is a beautiful plant, and very useful, too! I especially like the variegation of color on the leaves. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for leaving your kind comments.