Monday, December 9, 2013


Here, we have a Koperasi Petani Tebu Rakyat (Cane Farmers Cooperations).
A week ago, that cooperation got a grant from Government.
A big tractor...

That grant is so precious. 
This grant aims to improve productivity of their cane farmlands.
The improvement of cane production will maintain the sugar  supplies.
Self sufficiency in sugar commodity is one of the goals of government in agriculture.

Actually, most of farmlands in Banjarnegara have hilly, narrow and steep contour.
It's not easy for a big tractor to move on that farmland.
Big tractors usually used in so many big plantations here, that have wide and flat lands.
Farmers usually use hand tractors that have high mobility.
I think mini tractor or hand tractor will more useful for our farmlands.
I hope next, every grant will more appropriate and useful.


One interesting thing..., my son really excited with this tractor.
He has never seen this real big tractor before.
Currently, this tractor is parked on the parking area in front of my office. 

I don't know how many time he whined to me asking to buy a tractor for our family.
He pulled out all of the coins from his box piggy bank.
He gave all the coins to me, and asked me to add some money to buy new tractor.


He really wants it.
In his mind, a tractor has same function with a car
Me and my husband just smile, and give so many explanation to him.

We haven't farmland.
Our home yard is really-really mini.
Where will you park your tractor, boy???


  1. You have a wonderful son. Already puts the future :)

    1. Thank you. Maybe he is starting to realize his dream, his future.

  2. Just like my husband would love a sit of lawn mower even though our lawn isn;t big enough and up some steps! Boys never fully grow up.

    1. Maybe sit on the tractor or lawn mower and take a drive, will give them more satisfaction.

  3. Boys and their toys. Perhaps he'll become a farmer and then he can have a tractor.

  4. That is a good tractor, four wheel drive and nice weights on the front. Four wheel drive is much safer on hills than old tractors. It would be too large for my garden but is what a lot of farmers use here. Some have larger ones with double wheels on the back depending on what they are pulling.

    1. This one is too large here. I can imagine this tractor work hard on the terrace farmland. The big one is better to work on our low land with much flat contour.

  5. My boys just love tractors too. We have one but it is old 1974 and not as fancy as that one. It does get the job done though.

    1. All boys love tractors... they look so cool on it (maybe). I guess yours is very useful although its the old one

  6. Boys will never tire of tractors, I remember my own son at the same age as yours, when we still lived in Norway, he was so fascinated by our neighbours’ tractor. I have photos of him just like yours. These days we live in London, my son is 27 and more interested in computers and other things with processors – although he likes cars too, especially if they go fast :-)

    1. Yeah, Our children always change time by time. But there must be something that doesn't change from them. It's so interesting to see them grow.