Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This week I still found a few thing from my garden except my passion fruits, kembang telang, green amaranth and pare.

From my front garden, I still got globular green eggplants, triwis, purple eggplants,  kembang telang, lemons and passion fruits.

Passion fruits

purple eggplants

From my beds in my back yard, there were green amaranths, leunca, tomatoes, hot peppers, celery, triwis, and pare.

green amaranth


From my terrace garden, I got my green chives, green onions, red amaranths, also last red lettuces, sweet basil and last caisin.

last red lettuces

red amaranths

From my balcony, there I got acid oranges and dewandaru.

Hope next I get better weather.
How about your harvest this week?


  1. Very nice color fruit and vegetables, I am only getting some greens here as it is ice and cold.

    1. I can't imagine how hard to live on the cold area like yours. I will miss to work outdoor, miss my gardening time.

  2. Cold here too - must admit I like a break in the gardening year as it refreshes me for the next growing season. I don't stand heat very well

    1. I don't like hot weather too. Tropical climate give me more time to gardening. My garden should be take a rest to keep it healthy. But I never stop growing through the year.

  3. We have no harvest at all now, it is winter. Fresh vegetables come from the growers out of the large glasshouses. I was surprised to read you eat Amaranth, I had the red Amaranth various times in my flowergarden in summer, we grow this as an annual. The insect, a grasshopper (?) on the green Amaranth is so beautifully photographed.

    1. Here, red amaranths are sold on the groceries or traditional markets. It's well known as a high nutritious vegetable. Maybe your Amaranth is a different variety than mine. We also have ormamental red Amaranths. They plant as annual and have beautiful flowers