Monday, April 27, 2015


During this terrible weather along this month, I only have a limited time to do outdoor activities, especially gardening.
My garden looks so messy.
So many plants grow so wildly, and the others broken, then rotten.
Today, we are having a sunny morning, so I'm checking all part on my back yard.

Several days ago, I found that some vine have covered the row of orchid clumps on the wall.
I put some Dendrobium clumps on my back yard wall.
So, this is the time to tidy up this part.
Oh, actually there are two stalks of orchid there.
I'm so lucky that the orchid clumps are safe during the terrible weather.

But I don't know why, maybe I pulled the vine to strong.
Oh no...
What a shame... a stalk have broken!
A stalk that there are three orchids have blooming.

Now the orchid clumps are free from the vine, I hope the the stalk remain will grow well and get blooming soon.
And of course the orchid will safe too.

A hidden orchid have exposed now...


  1. That's awesome surprise by wild Orchid

  2. Just beautiful, the pictures of the lovely flower against the sky!

  3. What a lovely colour. I have three orchids in the house, two are a paler version of the one you have there and one is white.

  4. Pierwszy raz widzę storczyki rosnące w ten sposób - świetnie to wygląda! Kwiaty są cudne. Przesyłam pozdrowienia.

  5. I am always so annoyed when that happens - I try to tidy up around a plant so it will do better and in the process end up damaging some fragile shoots. I am sure it will come back string now though.

  6. salam endah,
    your staple orchid on the backyard wall really amazed me...awesome!

  7. So very beautiful friend!!! I have no doubt that your vine will produce more blooms for you! What a treat to find this beauty in your garden! Wishing you a wonderful week! Nicole xo