Friday, April 24, 2015


Yesterday we have talked about the benefit of the manggis rind.

Now, we will make a manggis rind juice.
We only use the fresh rind, because the rind will be drier and harder soon.
And the color will turn blackish soon.

To make a glass of this juice, we need :

  1. fresh rind from a manggis fruit
  2. a glass of drinking water 
  3. a tablespoon of honey (depend on our taste)

First, wash the fresh manggis rind on the flowing water.
Then, remove the outer (hard) rind.
I use spoon to remove the outer rind.
We only use the inner rind that has softer texture.
The color of the inner rind is reddish, and the outer rind is blackish.
After that, put the inner rind and water on the blender or juicer until it becomes a smooth texture.

Pour the juice in to the glass and add the honey to give better taste.
Actually, the manggis rind juice has a little bit bitter.
So, honey or coconut sugar are usually added to improve the taste.

As I have said before,  that the rind is high on pectin, so the juice has creamy texture.
Pectin is usually used on food industries as thickener, especially to make fruit jams.
Pectin is also well know as anti-cancer, anti-cholesterol, and a soluble fiber that good for digestion problems.
Now we get a healthy juice...


  1. It sounds and looks delicious!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend!! Nicole xo