Sunday, April 26, 2015


During this rainy season, the wet and warm weather make all plant grows so fast, especially the wild plants and weeds.

I have never payed attention to this wild one.
Yes, a wild fern grows on the edge of raised bed on my eastern back yard.

Time by time it looks bigger and bigger.
Now,  looks so lush, and beautiful... of course...

I let this fern grows wildly.
I think this fern is more than a year old. 
As I remember that the last time I pulled out the wild ferns was last year, and this one was 'safe' from my 'land clearing program'.

Now, I can see the beauty, a forgotten beauty...


  1. So pretty! I just love ferns but have not had much luck with them, because I never seem to have a spot that is moist and shady enough.

    1. Yes, me too. When I went to the woods or hills, I used to take home some wild ferns, but they couldn't grow well and then died. It's not easy to grow it on the garden. but they will love to grow wildly, where ever the place that they love.

  2. Satu masa dulu saya amat gemar kumpul berbagai jenis fern dilaman..tapi sekarang cuma tinggal beberapa jenis saja lagi. Banyak yang dah mati...

    1. Saya pun begitu Kak Mala. Fern will grow well on the wild life.