Sunday, April 26, 2015


During the harvest season, we can find lots of manggis on the markets or groceries.

On the 'manggis area', we can find lots of non permanent stall along the road side that sell fresh manggis from the garden nearby.

Here, manggis that sold on the road side stalls is usually arranged on a long arrangement that we call it 'karang'.
A 'karang' consist of ten fruits, that tied with a rope, that it's hanged on the stall.

The fruits are hanged not just for good display, but also to get better air circulation, so the fruit will keep fresh longer.
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  1. I have been travelling last week so I missed this series, but I´ve read it now. When I saw the manggis on your blogposts I recognized it immediately. It is the most delicious and exotic fruit I ever tasted, such a pity they are rarely offered here. In specialized shops in the city I suppose they have them but not outside in the country, where we live.

    1. Thank you for following this series, Janneke. Yes, I'm sure you have ever taste this fruit. This is queen of the fruit, so delicious and exotic.