Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The manggis rind is rich in pectin.
It also contains catechin, tannin, and black dye..
The fruit rind is used to tan leather and to dye black.
Both the rind and the bark have several applications in traditional medicine.

Manggis rind have so many benefit for our health.
The main component that has very important benefit for our health is Xanthone.
Xanthone have already tested in the laboratories.
This component prevents and treat diabetes, cancer, heart-disorder, diarrhea, lower high blood tension, lower the cholesterol level, insomnia, toothache, asthma, osteophorosis, and many more.

It's well known as a supplement to help maintain our body health, great antioxidant.
Here, we use to make so many traditional medicine that made from these fruit rinds.
We sometime make juice from the fresh manggis rinds.
Some time we drink the decoction of manggis rind to treat so many health problems.

We also make a herbal tea from this rind, by drying the rinds for several days, then packed in air thigh package.
It's sold on pharmacies or drugstores.
Some pharmacy factories process the manggis rind into capsules, tablet or herbal drink.
A great rind...
Will you waste it?


  1. RInd edible? I didn't know that! How to make drinks from manggis rind?

    1. Yes,we can make fresh juice from the fresh rind, or make herbal tea from the dried rind.